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Discover the myth about co-washing with TheHairAddict

 The term co-washing might be familiar to you, as this technique has become quite popular over the past few years. Co-washing stands for "conditioner washing", which means using conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of a traditional shampoo. You might have also heard various opinions against this technique which claims that it can cause hair loss and dandruff, and you’re probably wondering if there is any truth to this fact. The natural haircare industry leader, The Hair Addict is here to clear any misconception about co-washing and whether you should adapt or avoid this hair technique. 

Firstly, co-washing won't cause hair loss or dandruff if you choose your conditioner wisely. For starters, you need a conditioner that contains no silicones or waxes as these tend to leave build up on your scalp and eventually lead to undesirable side effects. You should also opt for a conditioner with no heavy oils or butters, as these won't rinse out completely with water, and with subsequent washes you will find your hair weighed down and once again, leave behind unwanted product build up on your scalp.

Secondly, it’s advisable to read the labels on conditioners and look for those that fall under the co-wash criteria to ensure you’re implementing the co-washing technique seamlessly. There are many products that are suitable and affordable in the market, not to mention that you can find an array of co-washing conditioners on The Hair Addict’s website that will help you achieve the desirable result.
If you are experimenting with shampoo alternatives, it’s highly recommend you try out The No Poo Recipe by The Hair Addict, an all-natural shampoo substitute that will leave your hair clean and soft.
The Hair Addict products are available for purchase from the website with international shipping and soon to be available at salons in the gulf region. For more information about The Hair Addict and to place international orders to the GCC, visit
About The Hair Addict:
The Hair Addict launched in 2016 in Egypt as an online community for women founded by former Procter & Gamble Supply Chain Director and TedX Speaker Doaa Gawish. The Hair Addict was set up to challenge all societal norms and to encourage women to unlearn negative societal conditioning. The aim of the community is to teach women that they are worthy of self-care, including sustainable haircare that entails natural remedies, organic or low chemical products, as well as eating healthily and working out.   Since launch the community has been featured in over 35 international media outlets and is deemed a dramatic social movement aimed at reforming the beauty standards in Africa and The Middle East with women going heat free, embracing their natural curls and carrying themselves with confidence, resulting in social taboos related to hair being eliminated.  The Hair Addict has now evolved into one of the fastest growing natural hair products' suppliers in Egypt which will launch in UAE and wider GCC.  For more information visit or visit @TheHairAddictOfficial 

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