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Dubai Fashion Magazine is an Official Media Partner for India Intimate Fashion Week's 3rd Edition of its Super Glamorous Fashion Calendar BLACK MAGIK

India Intimate Fashion Week ( IIFW ) once again delivers a creative & artistic masterpiece through it’s own calendar brand BLACK MAGIK by unveiling its 3rd edition, virtually.

Known for its innovative approach, IIFW has always presented concepts that imply strong social message and is all inclusive from plus size fashion, queer fashion, fitness fashion.  It has also initiated dialogues around body positivity by its BOO THE TABOO movement.
Looking at the global slowdown due the pandemic, Team IIFW decided to go for the Virtual Release similar as their VIRTUAL FASHION WEEK which created global waves after its release. This year, IIFW partnered with world renowned fashion photographer JAF JAFRI based in Russia and also collaborated with FINCH Models, one of the world’s top talent management companies from Russia.  
Talking proudly about this International Project,  Niraj Jawanjal – Founder, IIFW said – I always believe that creative mind & its ideas cannot be caged in any situation or under any fear. We always put our best efforts to make things better and puts India on the global fashion map. Even if the pandemic really hit hard the entire economy & all sorts of businesses, we never thought that, this is a limitation. The way we conceptualized & delivered India’s first Virtual Lingerie Show through IIFW Virtual Show, on same lines we wanted to shoot the calendar too.
I knew JAF JAFRI since 2012 & we did work together on some editorial shoots way back in 2012. This lockdown and pandemic gave us the real opportunity to work together again and when I discussed this collaboration opportunity for Black Magik calendar’s 3rd Edition, Jaf showed equally keen interest to shoot the same in St. Petersburg.   
On associating with IIFW, Jaf Jafri, a proud Indian by origin, settled in Russia, says, Niraj and I are good friends since long time and we always wanted to collaborate for something really creative. When he approached me and shared his idea of shooting the Black Magik calendar’s edition in Russia, I was really excited. Unfortunately, due to travel bans and lockdown scenario Niraj couldn’t travel to attend and direct the shoot. So, we mutually discussed and then I roped FINCH MODELS and their super expert team who wonderfully executed the entire shoot as per our plans. And needless to say, the output came jaw dropping. Like Niraj, I too believe, nothing can stop a creative mind..not even pandemic.

Olga Finch, CEO – Finch Models, Russia says this a very special shoot for her. She says, I have done numerous shoots worldwide and our models go across all the corners of the world for various projects but this is first time we all were at different places when Jaf called me and shared the concept Black Magik calendar. I was worried and equally excited to go for this project as I really loved the work of IIFW & Black Magik but challenge in Russia is pandemic lockdown and the weather. We shot this project when the outside studio weather was -22 degrees. Entire crew gave their best, Jaf & I worked for 12 hours daily to take out the best out of our models and the entire crew and finally the result in front of us. I never believed that we would be able to work on any international assignment so soon but Black Magik 3.0 is the answer to all. Yes, creative mind and its passion and win over any limitations, cheers.

Adding on this concept of one of its kind Virtual Calendar Launch, Amit Pandey, Media Head, IIFW further adds “Our endeavors are focused to create new and real career & business opportunities in the fashion industry as well as for related brands to showcase themselves. We are glad that IIFW’s Virtual show and now the Calendar Launch has opened doors, created a new hope and triggered motivation for everyone who are playing a vital role in the fashion industry in India and internationally”. The Black Magik calendar 3.0 is a visual treat as it came out extravagant and you’ll surely would love it.  
About India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW)

IIFW ( India Intimate Fashion Week ) founded in 2016, is one of the most sought after and the glamorous Fashion Week Platforms in India & Asia, dedicated to the Lingerie / Inner Wears / Sleep Wear & Lingerie E-Commerce, Personal Hygiene businesses and brands.

India Intimate Fashion week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the intimate apparel & personal care industry.  
India Intimate fashion week is also taking immense endeavours to let India speak its mind about this world’s largest industry & become shy-away, so that we can involve & nurture the emerging talent in the massive industry to command a bold stand.

For more information on IIFW, visit

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