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Indian TV Serial Anupamaa actor Rushad Rana on his Successful Career

Rushad Rana, a known face to  many,  has been a veteran of Indian Television Industry for over two decades. He has done many roles in various Hindi Television Shows, Web Series and Bollywood Films. Rushad however is still known by many as the famous, cute, chocolate boy 'Raghav' from the hit TV serial 'Hip hip hurray'. in Zee Tv's youth show Hip hip hurray, Nikhil in Kehta Hai Dil, Sumit in Sasural Simar Ka, Coach Sir in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai and is recently turning heads with his short but interesting stint in Zee5's Nailpolish movie alongwith Arjun Rampal and the Anirudh in Anupamaa.

Today we get exclusively candid with this alluring and charming actor

D Fashion: After your massive stint on TV in early 2000's, you made a comeback on TV and silver screen, how does it feel to be back?

Rushad: Actually my comeback was in 2010 itself, because from 2007-2010, I took a break from TV as I had a couple of films under my belt, but they did not make a great impact at the box office. And then I had to make a comeback on the silver screen and it was a true comeback for me in the literal sense. It feels great to be back and lately I have been under the spotlight thanks to serials such as Anupamaa and a couple of Web Series and what more would an actor wish for than receiving appreciation for your performances

D Fashion: Do you relate to his grey character?

Rushad: I wouldn't call it a grey character, I would rather call it a desperate character as a husband wanting to win his wife back as he knows the character she is in love with won’t be able to provide her that stability and he tries to make amends as well. And in the process, becomes nasty and sarcastic but not grey.

D Fashion: Tell us about your current ongoing projects and future ones, any movies in the pipeline?

Rushad: There are 2 interesting web series one is called Ilzaam and another one is Cheaters.

In Cheaters, I essay a completely negative character as I play an underworld don namely Abbas bhai and in the former I am playing a cop and both are quite contrasting and varied.  I am really looking forward to their release. Currently I am working on Punch beat season 2 which is a raging hit in the Alt Balaji franchise which I have finished shooting for alongwith a movie called' The Rapist' with Aparna Sen maam alongwith Arjun Rampal and Konkana Sen.  Many other projects as well in the pipeline, but would disclose only after its completion,  so stay tuned!

D Fashion: Lately you have been garnering a lot of attention as Anirudh in the Hit serial Anupamaa, how did you land the role?

Rushad: It was purely by chance, A dear friend of mine who is a senior editor in a publication happened to mention in a conversation casually about contacting the casting incharge of Rajan Shahi's Anupamaa whilst the opening of lockdown, and the timing sat perfect, I sent across my folio and within 2-3 days of viewing my audition, I was locked for the role. 

D Fashion: You're an outsider who's made it. What's your take on nepotism?

Rushad: My take on nepostism, is that it's totally existent in every industry.  It's just looked down upon and I fail to understand why. A producer is definitely going to launch his son/daughter, there is nothing wrong in that and in such a cut throat competition, it's not essential that the producer's offspring would make it big unless they have it in them. They only would be lucky enough to harbor a break.

D Fashion: Acting as a career, what's the future, can it put bread on table every day?

Rushad: Well acting has managed to bread on my table every day for me, but I am contemplating pursuing a business as well. I feel it's very essential for actors to have some stability by the side as well since it's a volatile profession. Today we might be very busy for days but the next few months there might not be much work

D Fashion: Advice to someone who wants to take up to acting

Rushad: You need to be realistic why you want to be an actor. If you are rooting for the glamor or fame then you will be sadly living in a bubble which will burst if you don't succeed in your initial phase and feel dejected. One should take it up for the love of cinema or the craft. One should be focused and be objective and most of all practical and not fantasize being a superstar overnight. It requires constant efforts and patience.

D Fashion: What changes/challenges have Covid-19 brought for actors?

Rushad: The biggest challenge is that we are in masks all the time. And the best part of being in the industry is fame, fans recognizing you, coming for pictures, giving feedback on how much they loved you in shows or movies. But I am blessed to be recognized by my fans even in masks.

But the biggest challenge is while shooting is being cautious of social distancing due to the new normal as one cannot spend affable times as we used to share earlier. We actors are much exposed to the virus as we are out for shooting which stretches at time to 12 hours and hence are looking forward to the vaccination drive so that we can travel and roam freely.

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