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Professional Fashion Designers Qassim

Mohamad Qassim

Iraq - Baghdadi ‏Fashion designer, ‏Excellence in Fashion Designing, Member of International Academy of Designer, Work in Circle projects Baghdad Kislaoglu Design

Simay Kislaoglu Design

Simay Kislaoglu Design Simay Kislaoglu Design is independent global wear brand. Simay kislaoglu design is the definition of timeless clothes. It offers array of feminene appealing to a modern minded woman who crave simple sophistication. We believe in quality over quantity, and clothing th


Freelance fashion brand since 2010, known for indoarabic silhouttes. Chosen among top 10 designers by IKEA designers competition in 2019, also known as celebrity designer and stylist .    instagram: ecstacy_dubai Designer

Olesea Designer

Emerging Fashion Designer based in Dubai. Driven by new ideas , inspired by nature, focused on bodies shapes to generate confidence.   Participated in Arab Fashion Week 2020. Fashion

Zafirah Fashion

 I'm from Ukraine. I graduated as a journalist. I arrived at Dubai in 2008, and I used to write advertising and PR articles for different brands, mainly for real estate. My partner and I had a consulting company. My personality features- laziness, passiveness, adaptability, creativity, competit Walkiewicz

Diana Walkiewicz

 Diana Walkiewicz – Polish designer, working outside the box, inventive and brave. For several years, she enthusiastically broke through the doors of the fashion world to be able to shine on the star scene, shine during shows and become one of the brightest figures on the fashion market i Brand

Chantal Brand

Chantal Brand is an online Fashionable Brand of Genuine leather Bags/ Accessories, and Sunglasses. It is based in Beirut & Dubai, with home delivery service. It’s clientele enjoy the fashionable products, quality & service with its very good prices! Munir

Rukhsar Munir

I am an enthusiastic fashion design student, strongly eager to learn, grow and success by fair and ethical means. i am self starter with a strong sense of responsibility and "can do" attitude Chaddad

Sondoss Chaddad

I am Blogger and Fashion Designer. Well known for wide range of Elegant, and beautiful fashionable Apparel, Lingerie and Accessories that I sells, not only in UAE and GCC Market but Worldwide. Fashion House (VFH)

ViKtoria Fashion House (VFH)

 What is good about clothing that does not inspire confidence, attract attention and intrigue? The clothes you wear should match your true personality. Be it an eye catching evening gown, powerful business attire or comfortable but casual look.    At ViKtoria Fashion House (VFH) we